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Welcome [What and who train]
Our trainings are open to the local community [South Africans] and to the International community. We have dedicated a page for the international community to explain how simple we make your Training trip and Experience to South Africa a wonderful one.

We have four categories of training. Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and N1-N6 Certification courses
Basic and Intermediate courses are the trainings we offer to new persons in the field. So if you are thinking of working in the mine or in the construction industry. If you have never operated a dumptruck, grader, excavator etc and feel like it's time, we are hear to get you exactly that!

We also have ARTISAN courses or what we have referred here as Advanced. These courses are meant for people have have been working in their various technical fields for a long while and want to show that they have the experience and what it takes to sit a standard exam. The exams are both practicals and theoretical. These categories tend to be very good in practicals but need thourough polishing with theories to enhance their practical knowledge

Completed your metric and want to start a career in Electrical, Mining, Engineering and construction field?
We have a list of N1-N6 Certification courses. For students who would want to become professionals in future, we advice them to atleast have any certification with atleast N2 qualification. So if you don't have, you need to think of this option.
For a complete list of our trainings, please download the training brochure from the download link on the left

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